What Makes Alectrona Candles Different?
      • I am the sole owner and creator from start to finish. I pride myself on making high-quality products for your home. I believe that fragrance is the lasting element that enhances your space.


What ingredients do you use?

      • All of our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced to create safe, sustainable products that are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and never tested on animals. Our candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax, cotton core wicks, and a blend of fine fragrance oils that consist of natural and man-made materials.


Why do you use synthetic fragrance oils?

      • I am able to create more complex scent profiles and I have found an alternative to harmful fragrance oils in my candles while simultaneously keeping my products sustainable to produce. If you would like to look further into the oils I use, you can do so here!


How fragrant are your products/how long do they last?

      • The scent profile decides on how strong the fragrance is. Though I bond the maximum amount of fragrance the wax can hold ( .1oz fragrance to 1oz wax). I have had many people open their candle and they do not even light it for a week because the fragrance will fill a small room without lighting. The Burn time for the sizes I offer are as follows: 9 OUNCE CANDLE 25-35 HOURS,   12 OUNCE CANDLE  50-60 HOURS,   14 OUNCE CANDLE 70-80 HOURS.

 How can I care for my candle? 

      • After you receive your candle, trim the wick to 1/4". When you decide to light your candle for the first time make sure that you let it melt the wax until the pool reaches the edge of your vessel. A good rule of thumb is an hour per inch in diameter. (3-4 hours on average for our candles).
      • Keep candles out of reach of pets and children. As well as away from drafts or flammable material.
      • ONLY APPLIES TO 9OZ GLASS VESSEL : Do not start a new burn if you only have 1/2"-1/4" left in the candle. The vessel will get to hot and crack/break.