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Alectrona Candles

Goddess in the Garden (LARGE)

Goddess in the Garden (LARGE)

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Within the secluded haven of the secret garden, a small gathering of women discovers a sanctuary veiled in nature's embrace. Their laughter and hushed conversations create a delicate melody that mingles with the rustle of leaves overhead. The women, surrounded by a tapestry of vibrant blossoms, find solace in the shared discovery of this hidden gem.

As they stroll along the meandering paths, fingers brush against fragrant petals, and soft laughter punctuates the air. The garden seems to respond to their presence, offering a haven where camaraderie intertwines with the beauty of nature.The women, adorned in flowers that echo the blossoms around them, form a living tableau within the secret garden. Their connection with each other and the natural surroundings creates a harmonious scene, where the magic of friendship blooms alongside the hidden wonders of the garden.

Measures 20x6x2 

*Each piece is made custom to order, Please allow 5-8 days to delivery

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