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Petals and Peonies

Petals and Peonies

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Introducing our exquisite Peony and Rose Design Candle, a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and botanical beauty. This handcrafted candle is a true testament to the artistry of nature, capturing the essence of blooming peonies and delicate roses in a single, captivating piece.

The outer layer of the candle is adorned with a meticulous design, featuring intricately detailed peony and rose blossoms that dance in a delicate pattern around the circumference. The peonies, with their lush layers of petals, symbolize prosperity and romance, while the roses, with their velvety softness, embody love and passion.

As you light the candle, the warm glow emanates through the carefully carved petals, creating a soft, ambient atmosphere that invites tranquility and relaxation. 

The Petals and Peonies Design Candle is not just a decorative piece but a sensory experience that elevates your surroundings. Whether used as a centerpiece during a romantic dinner, as part of your self-care routine, or to enhance the ambiance of your living space, this candle is a work of art that brings the timeless beauty of nature into your home.

Size large 22x6x2 and size small is 10x5.5x2

*As each candle is made custom, please allow 5-8 business days for you candle to be delivered to your house*

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